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Histology Testimonials
Histology Testimonials


The quality of the sections are great….everyone is very happy.
C. Q. (Biogenidec)

I just received our slides back from your company. Once again, you have done a great job!
M. V., Ph.D. (University of Maryland)

Not surprised you are busy! Your work is excellent!
J. H. (National Geographic)

I want to thank you and your staff for the work you did in providing us the samples we needed in the timeframe that we needed them. Your willingness to work as aggressively as you did will enable us to keep to our timeline and it is greatly appreciated.
A. A. (Follica Bio)

Just wanted to write and complement your work. The slides of striatum I recently received look great! With these slides I can easily perform several immunos on nearly identical sections as well as perform accurate morphometric analysis of the striatum and lateral ventricles- exactly want I was hoping for. Kudos to you and your team!
E. R., MSc. (Proteostasis Therapeutics)

I’ve recently started sending formalin fixed tissue samples to your company for paraffin embedding. The first batch of blocks just arrived back today. I was very impressed by just how well and clearly the cassettes were labeled, with not only the sample ID # I provided but also the study coding information. And, there were samples from 2 studies: each set in its own plastic bag. I run xenograft studies and cannot survive without being well organized, and you folks have really helped me maintain order! It’s a please doing business with your company!
S. A., Senior Scientist (Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Inc.)

The slides look amazing!! I had the neuropath fellows from Brigham rotating with me and they both commented on how nice the sections look, without even knowing the background!
P. C., MD (Massachusetts Office of the Chief Medical Examiner)

The sectioning and images look fantastic!
M. M. (Sanofi Pasteur)

Thanks so much as we are most appreciative of the very high quality work that Mass Histology has delivered to date.
B. W. (NOAA Fisheries)

I really appreciate all the time and care you are putting into our slides. I trained at Hopkins where the slide quality was great and I think your slides are better. I was weary of the transition to an outside provider but it has been great!
Thanks again,
P. B., MD (Rhode Island Office of the Chief Medical Examiner)

I got the slides from the crocodile (embryo ) head and I am very happy with them. Can I send some more?
C. T. (South Africa)

These look beautiful! Thank you so much for cutting and staining such beautiful slides for us!
M. B., Ph.D. (RXi Pharmaceuticals)

I have received all paraffin sections and the original paraffin blocks safe and sound. My thanks to you and your associates for processing them so quickly! The H&Es and trichromes are beautiful! Thanks again!
D. K., Ph.D. (Merrimack Pharmaceuticals)

Thank you very much for checking on this to insure the accuracy of this study. I really appreciate the extra effort Mass Histo puts into each order I send to you.
K. C., Ph.D. (TEI Biosciences)

You are Superstars! These are champion TMAs. The quality is excellent!
N.P., Scientist (Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Inc.)