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Our Team
Our Team

Mass Histology Team

James E. Staruk, HT(ASCP) - President and CEO

Jim has been a registered histotechnologist (ASCP) since 1976. He earned his BS Degree (in biology, health and secondary education) in 1978 and has held Managerial positions since 1984. He has had expert training in all areas of Anatomical Pathology (histotechniques, immunohistochemistry, autopsy, cytology, bone marrow aspirates, frozen sections, etc.) and has a vast knowledge of computer hardware and multiple software programs.

Some of Jim's past experiences include nearly 10 years with the Massachusetts Medical Examiner's Office (scene investigations, assisting at autopsies, photography and histology) and 13 years in diabetes research. He has also worked in various anatomical pathology labs at several hospitals and has two authored and seven co-authored full length articles in national medical journals as well as numerous acknowledgments in other papers and texts for his histological and/or graphical expertise.

In his spare time, Jim collects and restores classic professional automobiles (ambulances, hearses and limousines).

Amanda Lopez - Office Manager

Amanda pays all of the bills, creates all of the invoices, does the purchasing, maintains the employee benefit plans, human resource and payroll.

Amanda is a registered nurse and is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in nursing.